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Life Design and Strategy - Chapter 1 Bonus - Fill Your Buckets

Read this after reading the chapter on Memorable Moments

You now have a greater understanding of what lights you up.

Think of yourself like you are a video game character who’s got a number of leaky buckets that you need to keep full. The leaky buckets represent the themes that exist within your memorable moments.

Pick 5-7 buckets (themes) - For example Family, Reading, Work, Travel, Health.

Give that bucket a rating of 1 (empty) /10 (full)

Every week or month review how full each bucket is.

Make a plan to fill buckets that need filling.

Doing this exercise is another way to review specific areas of your life and the buckets that are important to you.

It’s ok to change your buckets, we are always evolving.

This is a process of trial and error. After a while you will see trends in which buckets lead to the greatest level of contentment and happiness.

Feeling a bit disconnected - spend more time with your family

Feeling like your growth has plateaued - schedule in reading a book

Is your body or mind feeling sluggish - go for a walk, meditate for 20 minutes.

If you’re feeling down, become aware of which bucket needs to be refilled, look back on your memorable moments and pick one to do that will refill the bucket.

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