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Life Design and Strategy - Chapter 2 Bonus - Detachment / Flow like Water

Understand that down moments are like waves - the question we need to ask ourselves is how quickly am I going to get back up, get back onto the board and surf the next one.

Bruce Lee has a great quote ‘Be like water’. To me this quote is about going with the flow and being adaptable. Life will oscillate from being positive and negative. I’m yet to meet someone who is at a 10/10 of happiness all the time. The key is to be aware of the down moments, to take a breath and objectively look at the situation. The first question I ask myself is how serious is this really? Is it real or imaginary? Is there an action I can take? From there I can make the decision or take action? Or do I just need to acknowledge this moment and let it pass by. I know I’m repeating this. But it feels like an important message.

Take a short walk, take 10 deep breaths, empty your thoughts in a journal, talk to someone, have a nap, hug someone - practice overcoming down moments, like you would any skill.

When things are feeling like they are a bit too much. Ask yourself the question: how can I be fluid in this situation, how can I be like water and adapt to the situation?

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