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400th book finished, 20 lessons I’ve learnt so far.

  1. Fear - Overcome it.

  2. Failure - Embrace and learn from it.

  3. Purpose - Find it via self-exploration and self-awareness.

  4. Passion - Unlock it by throwing darts, knowing what excites you and trying as much as you can.

  5. Vision - As you understand your purpose and passion, dream big and create an inspiring vision of what your actions will eventually lead to.

  6. Communication - Be engaging and share the best version of yourself with others.

  7. Strategy - Once you know the game you want to play, make a plan for how you will complete the levels.

  8. Opportunity - Randomness and luck play a key role in life. We all get a number of pivotal moments, be prepared and put yourself in a position to strike when the time is right.

  9. Goals - Develop clear and measurable milestones to keep you on track.

  10. Evaluation - Measure and review your progress. Make changes accordingly.

  11. Truth - Challenge your values and beliefs to find the truth.

  12. Action - Take action even if it's imperfect. The beauty about action is you can keep taking it.

  13. Time - This is the most important resource. Manage, track and measure how you use it. It’s not renewable.

  14. Focus - Prioritise your intent, energy and resources on what’s most important and impactful. All actions aren’t created equal.

  15. Learning - Learning is what makes anything possible, it is life’s magic trick. Implement learning in every aspect of life.

  16. Habits - We are what we do on a regular basis. It’s never too late to change a habit.

  17. Mind, Body and Spirit - Keep all three as healthy as possible.

  18. The Journey - Live life with abundance, gratitude and generosity. I wish I'd learnt this one earlier.

  19. Love - Ultimately, love and connection is all that matters, ensure both are part of everything you do.

  20. Acceptance - It is what it is. Life is a paradox

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