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Curious: Videography The Gear and Fundamentals

Over the past week I've been really curious about videography and cinematography. The original plan was to start by shooting a few simple vids with my iphone. Things escalated quickly.

After 30+ hours of research, this is the gear I gathered over the past few days. If you have any questions, I'm happy to share links and provide more info.

Cameras: Canon 80D Canon G7x Mark ii iPhone 7 Plus w Filmic Pro

Lenses: Canon 10-55mm Lens Canon 10-18mm Lens Canon 50mm f1.8 Lens

Microphones: Rode SmartLav+ - lavelier mic. Rode VideoMic Pro - shotgun mic. Blue Yeti Mic

Tripod / Gimbal: Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal Joby Griptight Pro w Smartphone Mount Joby Gorillapod Focus + Ballhead X Focus Amazon Essentials Tripod

Lighting / Backdrop: Diva Led Ring Light 2 x Photography Soft Box Lights Aputure M9 Portable Light.

Storage Amazon Basics DSLR Backpack 2 x 32gb SD cards Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt 2TB Hard Drive

I researched people like Casey Neistat, Fun For Louis and Drock (Gary Vaynerchuk's Videographer)

And signed up to this online course https://stackskills.com/p/videography-course-bundle

If you have any resources, recommendation or feedback, I'd love to hear from you.

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